A Pilgrimage of Curiosity

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Many Indonesians purchase their food from open-air markets lining the streets. Neither cultures, ethnic or religious backgrounds, nor geo-political boundaries can stop the move of Christ’s Spirit as he calls men everywhere to himself.

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Living on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, 20-year-old Makuta was a Muslim but had a Christian friend, Abang. “He was always posting Bible verses and would read them aloud,” Makuta recalls. “I was curious why the Bible why so important to him. I thought, How can I learn more about this book?” Abang brought Makuta to his pastor who patiently and carefully explained God’s Word to him. “I was still a Muslim, but I decided to begin attending church.”

A little later, Makuta moved to the island of Java for his education, where he also sought to learn more about the gospel. With his curiosity eventually satisfied, Makuta placed his faith in Jesus Christ, and got baptized. He even prepared for full-time pastoral ministry. As he became more adept at sharing his testimony with others, he knew it was also time to tell his parents back on Sumatra about his new life in Christ.

At that same time, Makuta’s parents sent him a letter – informing him that they and six other families from their village had become followers of Jesus. Makuta was surprised and thrilled, and moved back to Sumatra to put his pastoral skills into practice. He even regularly rode his bicycle for six hours in order to reach other villages and introduce others to the transforming truth and grace of Jesus Christ.

Jesus promised that, as a result of his sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection, he would draw people from all backgrounds to himself (John 12:32). The fulfillment of that promise is evident in the lives of Muslim-Background Believers like Makuta and his parents…and the people that Makuta now reaches. He’s back on Java, where he’s been supported by FMI as a church planter for the past six months. His church already has about 25 people attending, gathering on the floor in the home of one of its members.

Your partnership can empower pastors like Makuta to shine in ways that will inspire others to be curious about our Savior.

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