Help Afghan Christians

as they seek to relocated to a new homeland.

Afghan Christians Evacuating to Pakistan

With the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, desperation is evident all over the country. Afghan Christians, who make up less than 0.001% of the population, are being targeted by the Taliban operatives. Leaders of house churches inside the country have already received threatening letters from the Taliban warning them that the terrorists “know where they are and what they are doing.”

Now, multiple convoys representing more than 30 families and hundreds of people, are leaving their homes in Afghanistan to forge a new life in Pakistan. Leading the first convoy is Afghani Pastor Javid, a former Islamic university scholar whose life was turned around when an FMI partner shared the gospel with him a few years ago. He now pastors ten house churches in Afghanistan. The second convoy is being coordinated by FMI partner Pastor Aziz who has been personally discipling the group members during previous visits to Afghanistan.

There are no buses, no trains running between Afghanistan and Pakistan; these groups are taking hired cars to the checkpoints at the border. Once inside Pakistan, they will take buses to safe destinations where FMI’s Pakistani partners are waiting for them. (Pakistan has given them the proper documentation to allow them into the country.)

Help these Christian evacuees with your donation toward the $13,000 needed to cover transportation expenses, food/lodging along the way, and settlement assistance.


  • Pray for Javid and Aziz’s wisdom in leadership, his ability to quickly assess situations as these large groups of people of various ages are one the move and transition into new locations.
  • Pray for the stamina of those in the evacuating families – that they would be able to carry their infants carefully and support those who are old or frail. Pray that they do not get separated from one another.
  • Ask the Lord to frustrate those who seek to do evil and to inflict hurt, that he would make their way so difficult and they would fall into their own traps.
  • Intercede for the salvation of Taliban operatives, just as God’s light broke into the life of Javid and Aziz, both of whom are former Muslims.

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