Learning from Another’s Story

It’s being talked about at national missions conferences. Journal articles and books describe it: A growing number of Muslims are disillusioned with Islam and are seeking the truth about its origins and future…and are subsequently choosing to place their faith in Jesus Christ instead of Islam.

The New York Times best-seller, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, carefully tells the engaging and riveting autobiographical journey of discovery one such young Muslim man took in the post-9-11 world. It’s filled with easy-to-read, helpful background information on Islamic traditions, the role of doubt and testing in the quest for Truth, and the roller coaster of emotions author Nabeel Qureshi faced as God continued to reveal Himself and Nabeel abandoned the ways of his devout American Muslim family.

This complimentary edition has been expanded to include bonus content including a new introduction and epilogue by Qureshi, a new forward by Lee Strobel, ten contributions by scholars and experts, and an excerpt from Nabeel’s sequel, No God But One: Allah or Jesus?

You can receive a free copy of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus from FMI when you establish a partnership with one of FMI’s indigenous missionaries. Your donation of $120 per month over the course six years propels and fortifies the ministry of trained, courageous ministers of the gospel as they lead their congregations to maturity.

Along with Qureshi’s book, you will receive a profile of your overseas partner and description of his field of service, plus semi-annual reports about how your prayers and gifts are impacting hard-to-reach places through your partner’s ministry.

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