Learning to Partner

It’s being talked about at national missions conferences; journal articles and books are describing it: The role of North American Christians in global evangelism and discipleship is shifting. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

For the past couple of centuries, North American Christians have been champions of pioneer evangelism – breaking into new frontiers with the gospel of Jesus Christ. But as indigenous peoples beyond those frontiers have become followers of Jesus, and it becomes increasingly more difficult for folks from here to go there, mature national believers are now ready to pick up the charge in defining the tasks and providing the manpower for advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. In many places, the North American role must shift from pioneer to partner.

Examining a broad spectrum of mission organizations, denominations, and countries, missions expert Paul Borthwick, explains that even with all the changes going on in the world, there is still a vital role for the North American Church to perform on the global stage. In his book, Western Christians in Global Missions (InterVarsity Press), Borthwick concludes that our giving and going western xiansas partners must refrain from being paternalistic or creating dependencies which stunt maturity.

While Borthwick’s book is fairly new, the message it contains is one that FMI has spearheaded for more than three decades. Since 1986, FMI has focused exclusively on empowering indigenous missionaries to introduce the people of their nations to Christ. As a result, about 1,000 churches have been planted in spiritually dark corners of the planet.

You can receive a free copy of Western Christians in Global Missions from FMI when you establish a partnership with one of FMI’s indigenous missionaries in one three largest Muslim-dominant nations: Indonesia, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. Your donation of $120 per month over the course of five or six years propels and fortifies the ministry of trained, courageous ministers of the gospel as they lead their congregations to maturity.

Along with Borthwick’s book, you will receive a profile of your overseas partner and description of his field of service, plus semi-annual reports about how your prayers and gifts are impacting hard-to-reach places through your partner’s ministry.

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