Become a Propeller

propeller 01Just like a propeller’s blades slice through the air to provide the lift and thrust necessary to move a hefty aircraft and cargo, your prayers and financial gifts empower national church planters to move forward to accomplish incredible ministry. You can play an strategic role in what God is doing across the world’s largest Muslim-dominant countries to draw people to faith in Jesus and mature them as Christian disciples. FMI invites you to consider partnering in these current initiatives:

>> URGENT NEED: After conducting numerous evaluations of candidates, our national leadership teams have recently approved a dozen more church planters, pastors, and evangelists to join the work in the Lord’s harvest. These full-time ministers urgently need committed partners to provide financial and prayer support during the formative stages of church planting and leading their congregations to maturity. Commitments of $120 per month to FMI’s Overseas Partners account provide the pastor with income, opportunities for medical care, on-going ministry assessments and shepherding from our national leadership teams. Commitments at a level of $2000 per year will provide all that plus significant resources to assist the congregation in outreach and church site construction materials as needed. Donors will receive a profile of a specific individual and semi-annual updates on his ministry.

>> Evangelism tools like Bibles, DVDs, and printed literature in local languages are being distributed with increasing frequency by our overseas partners. Donate to our Tangible Resources account to replenish our inventory and provide the seeds used for planting churches across Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Put 25 Bibles into the hands of a trained evangelist or pastor for $150.

>> Help persecuted believers transform from victim to victor. FMI has helped establish a network of safe houses where these abused and distressed Christians can receive medical attention, spiritual and vocational counseling, and direction for resettling into new communities. Residents typically stay for a couple of weeks to a few months, and are also trained for evangelism. Monthly operations cost $600 for medical supplies, groceries, utilities, etc. Share in covering these expenses by contributing to FMI’s Kerith Brook Safe House account.

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