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If you thought you could never impact places in some of the spiritually dark corners of the world, think again.

For about the equivalent cost of a daily cup of signature coffee at your favorite café, you can help transform the heart of a nation by fortifying the ministry of an FMI national church planter or evangelist. FMI is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization; as such, contributions to the organization are deductible for income tax purposes to the extent provided by the law.

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Overseas Partners  For $120 per month, you can empower a national church planter with income, opportunity for on-going training, and emergency medical expenses. Your partnership allows the pastor focus on the crucial tasks of evangelism and discipleship, until his church matures to the point of being able to independently support him. You will receive a photo prayer reminder card with a brief profile about your partner’s ministry and challenges.

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Tangible Resources  Bibles in local languages, bicycles and motorcycles, and even cell phones, are simple tools that greatly enhance our partners’ ability to reach their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your gift to this account helps ensure they are equipped to meet challenges they face. (Bibles typically cost $7 each. A gift of $2500 propels a church planter across multiple remote ministry sites with the gift of a motorcycle.)
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Church Site Construction  Once a growing church is established, the congregation needs a larger, secure venue for its meetings.  You can come alongside the congregation to provide construction materials while they supply the labor when you designate contributions to our Church Site Construction account. Material costs vary based dimensions and other factors, but typical church construction can be completed for about $8,500.

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Education  Our indigenous pastors love God’s Word and His people, but often find they need further education in order to communicate God’s truths effectively. FMI provides literature in the national languages, on-going training classes, and scholarships for our pastors who need to find suitable education for themselves and their children.