A New Generation of Fishermen Learn to Follow Jesus

2014-07 bangla riverThe people who live on one side of the river are from a Muslim background. The people living on the side are from a Hindu background. Philip, an FMI-supported church planter, cares for them both.

At the request of a Christian couple who live in this rural fishing village in Bangladesh, Philip began travelling about 20 miles from his home in another village in order to become a fisher of men here. He spends about three days a week in his adopted village and is now considering renting a small house here in order to be more effective in his ministry of evangelism and discipleship.

Philip’s church plant meets outdoors, on the porch of the home of one it members. Children are eager to carry musical instruments to the porch to begin singing and announce the start of the meeting. At present, the gathering is comprised of about 15 adults and 20 children – including both Christians and seekers – and sometimes there is an overflow crowd seating along the porch steps. Some villagers who are curious linger under the shade of nearby trees to hear the stories about Jesus, the forgiveness he offers, and the healing he brings to a broken world.

Several people here have recently placed their faith in Jesus Christ, and Philip is planning a baptismal service later this year. (A church cannot officially be recognized in Bangladesh until it has baptized believers.)

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