A Widow’s Mighty Voice Exalts Christ Inside the Mosque

A Christian church gathers for fellowship, Bible study, and worship inside the world's largest Muslim-dominant nation.

A Christian church gathers for fellowship, Bible study, and worship inside the world’s largest Muslim-dominant nation.

All she wants to do is sing of her Savior.

Kasarna is a 75-year-old widow who now attends Pastor Doddy’s church on the island of Java, Indonesia. She started attending the church after leaving her ancestral religion and becoming a follower of Jesus Christ a couple of years ago. Bible study, opportunities to serve others, and vibrant worship are significant parts of the church’s life. Kasarna has been discipled and become a dynamic participant in the church, and her Muslim friends and neighbors have marveled at the changes they’ve seen in her life. Still, her friends keep telling her how much they miss her being with them when they attend the local mosque and urge her to return with them, even if just to visit.

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-dominant nation, but the presence of indigenous Christians is growing there. Doddy, who has been supported by FMI since 2011, has a strong heart for evangelism. There are 18 rural villages scattered across his district, and it is his vision that “someday each village will have a church.” His congregation prays with him about this and diligently works toward turning that vision into a reality. Doddy has also discussed with Kasarna  how she might go about introducing her friends to Jesus.

One day, as Muslim leaders asked her to return to the mosque, she informed them that she would agree to return for a visit, if they would agree to the following three conditions: 1) she would not wear a hijab – the traditional head covering Muslim women are supposed to wear when out in society, 2) she would be allowed to share her testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, and 3) she would be allowed to sing some solos of Christian music to glorify Jesus while there.

“Over the past few months, she has visited the mosque three times under those conditions,” exclaims Pastor Doddy. “She has sung her testimony and of the way of true salvation to the people gathered there.”  The friends who have watched Kasarna’s spiritual transformation and who long themselves for such liberation, purpose, and hope have heard her sing, Where does the happiness come from, if not from Jesus?

Kasarna’s example in reaching out to Muslim neighbors has also impacted fellow Christians in the church, Pastor Doddy reports. “She has set a pattern for other church members of how to be brave when testifying of Jesus.”

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