globe FMI operationsIndonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh may be geographically small, but their dense populations make them the fourth, sixth and eighth largest countries in terms of humanity. With an estimated 624 million people living in these places, one out of every twelve souls on the planet lives within their boundaries. 

FMI currently partners with scores of indigenous church planters and evangelists courageously serving in the world’s three largest Muslim-dominant countries. They challenges they face are many – about 740 different languages are spoken within these countries, Christians often face extreme discrimination or persecution, and poverty is rampant (especially for the marginalized Christians). But it is important to understand that even if a culture or government is closed to the gospel, in no way does that mean individual hearts are closed. Nothing can stop the move of Jesus Christ’s Spirit as he calls men everywhere to himself (John 12:32)!

In fact, in the past year, nearly 2,000 people living in these lands placed their faith in Jesus Christ as a result of the ministries of FMI-supported church planters and evangelists…and dozens of new churches were begun! For $120 a month, you can join the movement of committed partners to help empower a pastor and his congregation radiate the light of Christ in these dark corners of the world.people montage with fade


Overview of Bangladesh

Overview of Indonesia

Overview of Pakistan