A Single Bible, Many Readers

It was not on Pastor Adam’s agenda to meet Sadaqat. But God’s providence orchestrated their first meeting and many more since then.

During his regular travels across northern Pakistan, Pastor Adam stopped at a roadside restaurant. “It was so crowded, I had to share the table with another customer,” he recalls of his meeting with Sadaqat, the man seated next to him. “Later, I realized the great plan of God behind this encounter.”

Sadaqat, a 60-year-old Muslim, had just returned to Pakistan from Afghanistan after attending his father’s funeral there. It was easy for Adam to see Sadaqat’s spirits were low. Sadaqat explained how much he treasured his father’s love for him and now it was simply gone. Adam seized that opening to share about the unshakeable love of God – a love that not even death can take away. “The Lord prompted me to share Romans 8:38-39 with him from a Pashto-language Injil [Bible] I carried.” Sadaqat’s eyes lit up with excitement and he was more eager to know about this “peculiar book.”

Sadaqat holds his treasured copy of the Bible that first riveted him with the good news of God’s unshakeable love through Jesus Christ.

“We spoke for more than hour about Hazrat Isa Masihthe holy One, Jesus the Messiah,” Adam explains. “At the end of the conversation, I offered him a personal copy of the Injil and he accepted it and kissed it with respect. We bid farewell to each other with a promise to be in contact.”

“After few days, I received a call from Sadaqat. He was desperate to learn more about Isa who he was reading about in the Scriptures,” Adam continues. “Sadaqat [visited and] stayed with me for three days and Lord opened Sadaqat’s heart to receive him as his personal Savior,” Adam reports. “Sadaqat has cried several times after tasting Lord’s love and grace for him. Three months have now passed and we have met for discipleship seven times during this time period. His life has been completely transformed and he waits to be baptized at the earliest suitable circumstance.” In fact, Sadaqat’s whole family – his wife and their seven adult children – also have entrusted their lives to Isa Masih now and are eager to grow more in the Christian faith.

This single Bible has planted faith in the hearts of nine people; more may yet follow.

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