Worth More Than 1,000 Words

snapshot assortedWe all love stories. Pictures are powerful tools to help communicate those stories. And the story of God’s love for his creation is the best one to share. 

Unfortunately, in our eagerness to share the gospel story with people, too often we neglect to listen to their stories – stories that reveal where they’re at and what they long for, stories that can serve as powerful bridges for communicating the very message we desire to share with them. Project Snapshot enables our partners overseas to better listen to people’s stories in order to show how the gospel relates to them and how a relationship with Jesus Christ has the power to liberate and transform them.

Each Snapshot packet includes dozens of culturally relevant photographs depicting a variety of scenes, emotions, and concepts which the people engaged by evangelists in conversations can select to depict their answers to a series of questions about their life story. The evangelist can then explain how Christ can meet their deepest longings and how he provides the only assurance of personal salvation. The photos in each packet will be distinctive to each country of use.

The goal of Project Snapshot goes beyond simply providing another tool for FMI-supported church planters to use in their communities. It is designed to be simple enough for all the members of his congregation to use, so that the whole church can get involved in building connections with people and take opportunities to creatively share the gospel story in personal ways. We expect to see exponential growth in the churches using this new tool!

Your gift of $50 to our Tangible Resources account will provide a church with 10 of the Snapshot packets. A gift of $100 includes 10 packets plus on-site training in Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Indonesia.