Mosque Loudspeakers Call the People to Morning Prayers from the Bible!

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Loudspeakers from the mosque’s minarets call the people to morning prayers – with daily devotions from the Bible! 

This miracle began when Pakistani partner Akhtar gave 13 year-old Ameen an mp3 player loaded with a year’s worth of creative, potent daily Bible-based devotions in the Urdu language – a story shared in our April 2023 letter. God’s Word transformed the rebellious teen and his father, Sher Dil, immediately noticed the life changes. He asked Ameen about what prompted them. “I’ve discovered God’s purpose for my life,” the boy exclaimed, letting his father also listen to the mp3 player. Intrigued, Sher Dil, the tribal chief, contacted Akhtar to request hundreds more of the devices for the other children and families of the tribe. Akhtar and a team of FMI partners arrived the next day to distribute the mp3 players and personally share the gospel with the tribal council.

Sher Dil has a large heart to improve the lives of the people in his tribe. Their lives have been difficult. Their tribe spans the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan; Sher Dil’s clan narrowly escaped the brutality of the Taliban when it seized control of Afghanistan in 2021. He led his clan on an arduous journey across the Hindu Kush mountain range so that they could establish new homes inside Pakistan.

Sher Dil’s concern for his people also reaches to their souls. While the tribe is traditionally Muslim, now that he has been exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, Sher Dil gives priority to the Bible. The loudspeakers of the single mosque serving their area are powerful enough to be heard for two miles in every direction. Using his influence as the tribal chief, he has ordered the local imam to broadcast the daily Bible devotions before calling people to morning prayers. Praise the Lord that there is no barrier to the transforming power of His Word!

FMI is privileged to partner with dedicated disciple-makers like Akhtar to fortify them with the resources such as Scripture in print and audio formats so they can deliver the eternal Truth to high-risk areas. We are honored by your prayers and gifts for this ministry so that whole villages like Sher Dil’s can be impacted by the truth and hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Rejoice with us that even today, as the Old Testament prophet Isaiah once declared, “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. The Root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples; the nations will rally to him.”

Isaiah 11:9

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